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Abdullah, Kalid Hamood (2012) Effect of stress hormone antagonists on ovarian follicular development in pre-pubertal rat. Journal of Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, 8 (3). pp. 82-98. ISSN 1997-0838


Darshan Raj, C. G. and Sarojini, B. K. and Ramakrishna, M. K. and Ramesh, S. R. and Manjunatha, H. (2012) In vivo peritoneal antiangiogenesis and in vitro antiproliferative properties of some bischalcone derivatives. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 21 (4). pp. 453-458. ISSN 1554-8120

Davoodi, Parisa and Mahesh, P. A. and Amrutha, D. Holla and Vijayakumar, G. S. and Jayaraj, B. S. and Chandrashekara, S. and Ramachandra, N. B. (2012) Serum levels of interleukin-13 and interferon-gamma from adult patients with asthma in Mysore. Cytokine, 60 (2). 431 - 437. ISSN 1096-0023

Devi, T. R. and Amruthavalli, C. and Shyamala, B. V. (2012) Evolution of sex comb from the primitive bristle pattern in drosophila is associated with modification in the developmental regulatory protein dachshund. Genesis, 51 (2). pp. 97-109. ISSN 1526-954X


Khodadadi, Maryam and Shiva Basavaiah, . and Abediankenari, Saeid (2012) Effect of lithium chloride on the luteal steroidogenesis in gonadotropin-stimulated rat. International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine, 10 (3). ISSN 2008-2177

Kouser, Shereen and Palaksha and Shakunthala, Venkat (2012) Adaptive significance of circadian rhythms of montium a subgroup of Drosophila: I–locomotor behaviour. Biological Rhythm Research, 43 (6). pp. 615-630. ISSN 1744-4179

Krishna, M. S. and Santhosh, H. T. and Hegde, Shridhar N. (2012) Offspring of older males are superior in Drosophila bipectinata. Zoological Studies, 51 (1). pp. 72-84. ISSN 1810-522X


Mohammad, Jamshid and Naik, Prakash R. (2012) The histopathologic effects of Morus alba leaf extract on the pancreas of diabetic rats. Turkish Journal of Biology, 36 (2). pp. 211-216. ISSN 1303-6092


Nirupama, R. and Devaki, M. and Yajurvedi, H. N. (2012) Chronic stress and carbohydrate metabolism: Persistent changes and slow return to normalcy in male albino rats. Stress, 15 (3). pp. 262-271. ISSN 1607-8888

Nirupama, R. and Devaki, M. and Yajurvedi, H. N. (2012) Chronic stress and carbohydrate metabolism: persistent changes and slow return to normalcy in male albino rats. Stress, 15 (3). pp. 262-271. ISSN 1607-8888


Palaksha and Kouser, Shereen and Shakunthala, V. (2012) Variation in locomotor behaviour of Drosophila bipectinata and Drosophila malerkotliana with altitude. Biological Rhythm Research, 43 (3). pp. 285-292. ISSN 1744-4179


Rajashekar, Y. and Rao, Lingamallu J. M. and Shivanandappa, T. (2012) Decaleside: a new class of natural insecticide targeting tarsal gustatory sites. Naturwissenschaften, 99 (10). pp. 843-852. ISSN 1432-1904


Savitha, N. and Yamakanamardi, Sadanand M. (2012) Studies on abundance of zooplanktons in lakes of Mysore, India. Journal of Environmental Biology, 33 (6). pp. 1079-1085. ISSN 2394-0379

Shanthalatha, A. and Madhuranath, B. N. and Yajurvedi, H. N. (2012) Effect of methomyl formulation, a carbamate pesticide on ovarian follicular development and fertility in albino mice. Journal of Environmental Biology, 33 (1). pp. 33-37. ISSN 0254-8704

Sheetal Salvi, S. and Kumar, R. Pravin and Ramachandra, N. B. and Sparrow, John C. and Nongthomba, Upendra (2012) Mutations in Drosophila Myosin rod cause defects in Myofibril assembly. Journal of Molecular Biology, 419 (1). 22 - 40. ISSN 1089-8638

Shereen Kouser and Shakunthala, V. (2012) Eclosion behaviour of three species of Drosophila under different light regimes. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 50 (9). pp. 660-664. ISSN 0975-1009

Shivaprasad, H. S. and Chaithra, P. T. and Kavitha, P. and Malini, S. S. (2012) Role of phenylthiocarbamide as a genetic marker in predicting the predisposition of disease traits in humans. Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, 3 (1). pp. 43-47. ISSN 2229-7707

Shruthi, B. and Chayakumari and Ravi Ram, K. and Ramesh, S. R. (2012) Influence of mating histories and age on female remating behaviour in a few closely related species of Drosophila nasuta subgroup. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 50 (2). pp. 156-163. ISSN 0975-1009

Sreenivasa, G. and Kavitha, P. and Vineeth, V. S. and Sharath, C. and Malini, S. (2012) Evaluation of in vitro sperm nuclear chromatin decondensation among different subgroups of infertile males in Mysore, India. Journal of research in medical sciences : the official journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, 17 (5). pp. 456-460. ISSN 1735-7136

Sreenivasa, G. and Vineeth, V. S. and Kavitha, P. and Malini, S. S. (2012) Evaluation of acrosome intactness status in male infertility in Mysore, South India. International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research, 2 (1). pp. 31-33. ISSN 2248-9606


Thejashwini, M. S. and Krishna Ram, H. and Shivabasavaiah (2012) Reversible antifertility effect of Cyamposis psoralioides in male swiss albino mice. International Journal of Advanced Biological Research, 2 (4). pp. 657-665. ISSN 2250-3560

Thongatabam, B. and Ramachandra, N. B. (2012) Genomic introgression in laboratory evolved hybrid races, Cytorace 1 and Fissioncytorace-1 of Nasuta-albomicans complex (NAC) of Drosophila (Insecta, Diptera) as revealed by RAPD and ISSR markers. Italian Journal of Zoology, 79 (4). pp. 520-529. ISSN 1748-5851


Vidya, R. Chandavar and Naik, Prakash R. (2012) The Endocrine pancreas of the lizard calotes versicolor: an immunocytochemical and physiological study with respect to its reproductive cycle. Journal of Cytology and Histology, 3 (3). ISSN 2157-7099

Vineeth, V. S. and Malini, S. S. and Sreenivasa, G. and Usha, Dutta R. (2012) High incidence of sperm dysfunction in a varicocele infertile man: case report. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction, 1 (1). 63 - 66. ISSN 2305-0519

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