Effect of vacuum frying on quality attributes of pear (Pyrus communis L) chips and blended oil

Juvvi, Praneeth and Selvi, Moorthy Karthika and Debnath, Sukumar (2020) Effect of vacuum frying on quality attributes of pear (Pyrus communis L) chips and blended oil. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 44 (6). ISSN 1745-4549

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Standardization of various parameters during vacuum frying of pear slices and the effect of vacuum frying on blended oil (Palmolein and Sesame oils, 60:40) were studied. Oil samples were evaluated after an alternative vacuum frying of 20 consecutive cycles. Results showed that optimum vacuum frying conditions were temperature 110 degrees C, vacuum 74-98 mbar, and time 4.0-4.2 min that produced pear chips with moisture content <= 2.04%, oil uptake <= 21.73%, breaking force <= 6.79N, color L* <= 64.31, a* <= 4.81, b* <= 29.76, and whiteness index <= 54.29, whereas conventionally fried chips contain moisture content 1.03% wt/wt, oil uptake 44.83%, breaking force 11.23N, color L* 21.84, a* 6.83, b* 11.67, and whiteness index 20.68. The peroxide value, free fatty acids, atherogenicity, and thrombogenicity index of oil obtained after vacuum frying (<= 5.28, <= 2.84, <= 0.57, and <= 1.08, respectively) were found to be lower than conventional frying (10.83, 3.70, 0.59, and 1.11, respectively) indicating better quality of blended oil. Practical applications Vacuum frying employed in the present study resulted in reduced fat pear chips with retention of quality of frying medium as compared to conventional frying. This novel approach could be a feasible, economical process for food processing industries for the production of low-fat pear chips that prolong the shelf-life of frying medium.

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