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Alkanad, Khaled and Hezam, Abdo and Drmosh, Qasem Ahmed and Chandrashekar, S. G. and Abeer, A Alobaid and Ismail, Warad and Mohammed, Abdullah Bajiri and Krishnappagowda, L. N. (2021) Construction of Bi2S3/TiO2/MoS2 S-Scheme Heterostructure with a Switchable Charge Migration Pathway for Selective CO2 Reduction. Solar RRL, 5 (11). ISSN 2367-198X

Alkanad, Khaled and Hezam, Abdo and Shekar, Sujay, G. C. and Drmosh, Q. A. and Amrutha Kala, A. L. and Al-Gunaid, Murad, Q. A. and Lokanath, N. K. (2021) Magnetic recyclable α-Fe2O3-Fe3O4/Co3O4-CoO nanocomposite with dual Z-scheme charge transfer pathway for quick photo-Fenton degradation of organic pollutants. Catalysis Science and Technology, 11 (9). pp. 3084-3097.

Ananda, S. and Ahmed, K. H. and Mahendra, M. and Kumara, C. and Jagadeesh Prasad, D. and Hegde, T. A. and Vinitha, G. (2021) Structural, thermal, dielectric, nonlinear optical properties and dft investigations of a novel material 2-(6-chloropyridin-3-yl)-N'-(2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxin-6-ylmethylidene) acetohydrazide for optoelectronic applications. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 32 (11). pp. 14677-14702.

Aneesh Kumar, K. V. and Raghavendra, M. and Hegde, Vinayakprasanna N. and Gnana Prakash, A. P. and Ravikumar, H. B. (2021) Gamma irradiation induced microstructural modifcation and electrical conductivity of bakelite resistive plate chamber material. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 327 (2). pp. 821-829.


Bhagya, K. R. and Basavaraj, R. B. and Jyothi, K. R. and Nagabhushana, H. and Murugendrappa, M. and Prakash, A. P. Gnana and Nagabhushana, N. M. and Hegde, Vinayakprasanna N. (2021) Dy3+ doped Y2MoO6 nanopowders for white light emission: Spectroscopic and transport properties for optoelectronic and energy harvesting applications. Colloid and Interface Science Communications, 43.


Iqbal, Saleem and Potharaju, Raju and Naveen, S. and Lokanath, N. K. and Mohanakrishnan, Arasambattu K. and Gunasekaran, Krishnasamy (2021) Design, crystal structure determination, molecular dynamic simulation and MMGBSA calculations of novel p38-alpha MAPK inhibitors for combating Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.


Kar, S. and Rai, Prashant and Chelli, Sai Manohar and Akhir, Abdul and Naveen, S. and Chopra, Sidharth and Lokanath, N. K. and Siva Kumar, B. and Golakoti, Nageswara Rao (2021) Exploring the unexpected formation of spirobibenzopyrans and benzopyrylium salts and effect of Lewis acids on the Claisen-Schmidt reaction. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1240. pp. 1-9.

Karthik, C. S. and Kumara, Karthik and Naveen, S. and Mallesha, L. and Mallu, P. and Urs, M. V. Deepa and Lokanath, N. K. (2021) Thermal, optical, etching, structural studies and theoretical calculations of 1-(2, 5-Dichloro-benzenesulfonyl)-piperidin-4-yl]-(2,4-difluoro-phenyl)-methan one oxime. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1224.


Mahesha and Pampa, K. J. and Karthik, C. S. and Hema, M. K. and Mallu, P. and Lokanath, N. K. (2021) Post-synthetic modification of supramolecular assemblies of β-diketonato cu(ii) complexes: comparing and contrasting the molecular topology by crystal structure and quantum computational studies. CrystEngComm, 23 (24). pp. 4344-4369.


Nadeem, A. and Hamdi Hamid, S. and Fares Hezam, Al-Ostoot and Hussien Ahmed, K. and Sultan A., Al-horaibi and Sridhar, M. A. and Shaukath Ara Khanum and Mahendra, M. and Mohamed, El Hafi and Joel, T. M. and El Mokhtar, E. and Youssef, R. (2021) Synthesis, crystal structure, DFT calculations, Hirshfeld surface analysis, energy frameworks, molecular dynamics and docking studies of novel isoxazolequinoxaline derivative (IZQ) as anti-cancer drug. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1232.

Naresh, P. and Pramodh, B. and Naveen, S. and Ganguly, S. and Panda, J. and Sunitha, K. and Maniukiewicz, W. and Lokanath, N. K. (2021) Cis and trans isomers of 1-(5-bromothiophen-2-yl)-3-(10-chloroanthracen-9-yl)prop-2-en-1-one: synthesis and characterization. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1236.


Revanna, B. N. and Madegowda, M. (2021) Dithiane based boronic acid as a carbohydrate sensor in an aqueous solution at pH 7.5: theoretical and experimental approach. Journal of Fluorescence, 31 (6). pp. 1683-1703.


Shaikh, Sabiha A. and Bhat, Satish S. and Revankar, Vidyanand K. and Kulkarni, Badarinath D. and Kumara, Karthik and Lokanath, N. K. and Kumbar, Vijay and Bhat, Kishore and Butcher, Ray J. (2021) Fluorophore tagged mixed ligand copper(II) complexes: synthesis, structural characterization, protein binding, DNA cleavage and anticancer activity. Chemistry Select, 6 (45). pp. 12666-12676.


Udaya Kumar, A. H. and Karthik Kumara and Nanishankar, V. H. and Pampa, K. J. and Lokanath, N. K. (2021) Square planar trans-n2O2 cu(II) complex: synthesis, crystal structure, hirshfeld surface, dft, antimicrobial and docking studies. ChemistrySelect, 6 (24). pp. 6240-6255.


Vasantha Kumar and Rai, Vaishali M. and Vishwanatha, Udupi and Naveen, S. and Pai, Vinitha R. and Lokanath, N. K. and Poojary, Boja (2021) Synthesis, crystal structure, anticancer and molecular docking studies of quinolinone-thiazolidinone hybrid molecules. Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, 19 (3). pp. 793-808.

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