What are eprints?

Eprints are electronic versions of academic papers. For ePrints@UoM repository you may submit:
• An article from a journal, magazine
• A chapter or section from a book
• A book or conference volume
• A paper, poster, speech,lecture or presentation given at a conference, workshop or other event
• A monograph- this includes working papers, discussion papers, project or technical reports, manuals or other documentation.

You may submit:

Preprints ? a pre-refereed, unpublished paper which may be submitted for publication
Postprints ? the final peer-reviewed published version of a paper

Who can add eprints to the repository?

Faculty members and Research Scholars of University of Mysore may submit eprints to the online repository ePrints@UoM.

Step-by-step instructions to deposit your publications:
You can deposit your publication by one of two methods

I.  Deposit through E-Mail:

• Document type (Preprint | Conference paper | Conference poster | Journal paper | Technical report | Book chapter | Book review | Presentation | Patent, etc)
• Author(s)
• Department affiliation of UoM author(s)/Co-authors of other institution
• Title of the publication
• Citation (journal/ conference/ book title and other details)
• Journal publisher (if you know)
• Date of issue/ publication
• Technical report number (if any)
• Keywords

2. Deposit yourself (self-archiving) using the online submission system of ePrints@UoM
Follow the three steps explained below for online submission.

Step 1 : Determine if the publication is eligible for deposit

             If, not you may contact staff of ePrints@UoM
Conformance to Publisher's Copyright Policy:
The ePrints@UoM repository has been developed to house the research publications of UoM researchers. The aim of such eprints repositories is to make research freely available. One of the major concerns associated with making material available in such repositories is publisher's copyright. Major copyright concern is with journal articles. Journal publishers generally require authors to sign some sort of copyright transfer agreement or license to publish agreement prior to the publication of articles. Each publisher has their own agreement, and so the rights that you retain (for example the right to self archive/deposit an article in an online repository like ePrints@UoM) will vary. You need to find out if the publisher permits such depositing. We provide the following guidelines to help you with this.
1. Check if you have a copy of the agreement you signed. This may indicate whether or not you are permitted to make your publication available in a repository. However, some agreements do not explicitly cover this issue. Also, if the agreement appears to forbid deposit in a repository bear in mind that some publishers do change their agreement and apply this retrospectively.
2. Contact the publisher directly and ask them
3. Some publishers do not require authors to sign a copyright assignment form. Instead they ask authors to sign a non-exclusive license to publish and allow authors to retain copyright, including self-archiving.
Interpreting copyright agreements
It may not be immediately obvious from a copyright agreement or from information on a publisher's web site whether authors are permitted to deposit their article in repositories or not. These are some points to look out for.
• Pre-prints: Many publishers do permit authors to make the pre-prints version of the article available in repositories. By this they are referring to the pre-refereed version.
• Post-refereed version (Post-prints): Some publishers will allow the post-refereed, final author version, to be included in institutional repositories, but not in the form of the formatted PDF file that appears in the journal.
• Publisher PDFs: Some publishers prefer the final PDF version to be used, as this is a clear indication that an article in a repository is the bona fide version.
• Personal or departmental web sites: Some publishers will permit authors to make copies of their publications available on a personal web site..

Step 2:Convert publication to acceptable electronic format

If you have access to the full Acrobat product (not just Acrobat Reader) then use Distiller or PDFMaker to "print" from your Word document (or any other application) and produce a PDF file. If your PC does not have Adobe Distiller or PDFMaker, you may download free PDF conversion software.

Step 3: Deposit the publication

From the ePrints@UoM home page,, click on the Create Account link. This will take you to the registration page.
• Enter your name (Title, Given Name, Family Name)
• Enter your valid email address (preferably UoM email ID)
• Enter your preferred username
• Enter your preferred password
• Click on the Register button

• For some fields, you can select the appropriate option from a pick-box.
• For others, you will need to type in or cut and paste the text into the box provided.
• Some fields may not be relevant, in which case you should leave them blank.
• Some fields are mandatory and these are marked with a red asterisk.
• The web form is spread across a number of pages. Click on the Next button to navigate 
to the next page.
The information requested includes:

            CTL key to select the second and third options.

            publications on this topic. Separate keywords or phrases with a semi colon.

After entering all the required information, press the >Next button.
• If any mandatory information is missing, you will be asked to provide this information
• If all required information is present, you will be taken to the Document Storage Formats page where you can add (upload) your document.
Add document
Upload your document to the ePrints@UoM server by clicking on the Upload button. For PDF files, select File Upload and click on the Upload button. Browse to find your file. Then click on Upload. For HTML files, select Capture from URL. Provide the URL where this file can be found. This ensures that all hypertext links in the document will work. Use the Security Level field to indicate how widely it should be made available. Select Anyone unless there are reasons to restrict access. Click >Next .
Add subject:
Select your subject to describe your publication from the list. For multiple authors, select all relevant Subjects. Click on the >Next button. Review your submission details
The Deposit Verification screen displays the brief record for your eprints. Check the record carefully for errors. Pay particular attention to the reference that the system will create for your document from the information your have entered. The reference will be displayed above the PDF link to your document. Check that the reference contains all the appropriate elements (e.g. author, year, title, journal name or book title etc). If you wish to make any alterations use the >Previous button at the bottom of the screen. Do not use the browser Back button on the toolbar at the top of the screen as this will exit you from your ePrints@UoM user area.
When you are satisfied that the record is accurate and complete, read the deposit agreement which appears at the end of the page. Clicking on the >Deposit EPrints Now button, indicates your agreement to these terms and completes the deposit process. Your submission will be checked by the ePrints@UoM administrator and, after a few days, it will appear in the public repository.