4-(4-Chloro­phen­yl)-1-[3-(4-fluoro­benzo­yl)prop­yl]-4-hy­droxy­piperidin-1-ium 2,4,6-tri­nitro­phenolate (haloperidol picrate)

Jasinski, Jerry P. and Butcher, Ray J. and Hakim Al-Arique, Q. N. M. and Yathirajan, H. S. and Narayana, B. (2009) 4-(4-Chloro­phen­yl)-1-[3-(4-fluoro­benzo­yl)prop­yl]-4-hy­droxy­piperidin-1-ium 2,4,6-tri­nitro­phenolate (haloperidol picrate). Acta Crystallographica Section E, 65 (10). o2403-o2404. ISSN 2056-9890

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In the title salt, C21H24ClFNO2+·C6H2N3O7−, the dihedral angle between the aromatic rings in the cation is 16.5 (1)°. The piperidium ring adopts a slightly distorted chair conformation. Strong hydrogen-bonding inter­actions occur between the N—H and O—H functions of the 4-hydroxy­piperidin-1-ium ring and the phenolate and p-NO2 O atoms of the picrate anion. In addition, a variety of weak C—H⋯O and π–π ring inter­actions between cations and cation–anion neighbors [centroid–centroid distances = 3.597 (1) and 3.848 (10) Å] further consolidate the packing.

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