Microbial synthesis of polygalacturonases and its industrial applications

Udayashankar, A. C. and Nayaka, C. S. and Devi, N. and Srinivas, C. and Shivaiah, N. and Niranjana, S. R. and Prakash, H. S. (2013) Microbial synthesis of polygalacturonases and its industrial applications. Nova Science Publishers, Inc..

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Enzymes are precious biocatalysts with increasing applications in biotechnology. Microorganisms are wealthy resources of enzymes. Pectinases are a cluster of enzymes that contribute to the degradation of pectin, a ubiquitous complex acidic polysaccharide present in the primary cell wall and middle lamella of higher plant tissues. Polygalacturonases produced by various microorganisms are involved in the degradation of pectic substances. Pectinases can be applied in diverse industrial sectors wherever the degradation of pectin is favourable for a particular process. Microbial production of pectinolytic enzymes is mainly from filamentous fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Microbial pectinases are widely used in industries. Pectinolytic enzymes are of significant importance in the current biotechnological era and have been described as one of the future enzymes of the commercial sector, especially the juice and food industry. This chapter focuses on microbial polygalacturonase source, structural aspects, microbial polygalacturonase genes and industrial applications of polygalacturonase.

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