The theoretical perspectives in verbal & non-verbal communication

Ameneh, S. (2014) The theoretical perspectives in verbal & non-verbal communication. Asian Journal of Development Matters, 8 (1). ISSN 0976-4674

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"Communication" can be understood as a complex process during which the various components involved. Meanwhile, the study of the mechanisms of action, particularly in the human-social dimension, type of expression and influence of its ruling sign, especially -in the context of situation and context of communication -is of great importance. In this paper, I try to "communicate" the two types of verbal and non-verbal be studied with a theoretical approach. The findings indicate that the process of communication -verbal and non-verbal -component has its own context and circumstances and these two types of communication, is so important. Verbal communication and Non-verbal communication are primarily established tools to communicate and transfer the message and this is the greatest common aspect of the two communication. The non-verbal and verbal communication are related to social and culture and they are different from culture to culture. About verbal communication is clear that this kind of communication is possible with the use of language and through of language, meaning, context and purpose of the speaker are transmitting and in this type of communication, language is a key element; but, non-verbal communication rather to the excitement and sense organs, and way of seeing and the five movements is concerned and is not dependent on the official language and concepts and ideas without language channel, described and interpreted.

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