Content analysis of agricultural news coverage in leading language dailies of India–A study of Kannada language dailies of Karnataka State

Usharani N. and Suresh Kumar (2009) Content analysis of agricultural news coverage in leading language dailies of India–A study of Kannada language dailies of Karnataka State. Karnataka University Journal of Communication, 8 (1). pp. 1-14.

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Many studies in the past have proved that political writings and reports sell best. Time and again media have been rebuked for not giving priority to development oriented reports. Today in the age of information and knowledge society do you come across newspapers as media that are still obsessed with politics and crime like they did in the latter part of 20thcentury or have they changed their priority? This is one of the questions that prompted the researchers to undertake this study to empirically analyze the degree of importance given to agriculture in the columns of newspapers in the regional language press of India. Content analysis was found to be the mostappropriate method to undertake this study. A sample of 260 issues of each of the five newspapers was selected from April 2001 to March 2002 amounting to a total of 1300 issues. The year 2001 was considered significant as it was the beginning of the 21stcentury and the researcher wanted to study whether the attitude of the newspapers has changed towards development news like agriculture. The main objective of this study is to analyze the quantitative coverage of agricultural news in Kannada dailies. This study corroborates the hypothesis of ‘low coverage’ of agricultural news with ample evidence. The coverage of agri news during the selected period is comparatively low. The study proves with empirical data that there is abnormal accent on political news consequently relegating the agricultural news to the background. The highest percentage of agriculture news is just 4.61% and that of political news is 27.3%. The lowest 2 percentage of coverage of agricultural news is 1.53% and that of political news is 23.76% illustrating the big void between priority news and non-priority news. The study proves that the coverage of agriculture news is poor and the newspapers have not cared to give even respectable coverage in the opinion page through editorials and articles. Further, the choice of content is also much to be desired as new issues and developments in agriculture do not find place in the pages of language newspapers. There is low visibility of agricultural news in regional language dailies

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