Charge-transfer complexes of 4,6-dihalo-1,3-dinitrobenzenes with pyrene.

Shamanna, D. and Siddalingaiah, K. S. (1974) Charge-transfer complexes of 4,6-dihalo-1,3-dinitrobenzenes with pyrene. Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 51 (11, Co). pp. 939-40. ISSN 0019-4522

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The charge-transfer complexes of pyrene (donor) with the acceptor I (R = Cl, Br, iodo) were prepd. by mixing their hot, satd. EtOH solns. The 1:1 complexes did not exhibit uv or ir characteristic of the complex; x-ray anal. of I (R = iodo) indicated that it was a single crystal. The reaction for the lack of charge-transfer phenomena in the solns. of these complexes were discussed. [on SciFinder(R)]

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