Determinant and pseudo-determinant of tadpolegraphs and its line graphs

Rajendra, P. and Rangarajan, R. (2014) Determinant and pseudo-determinant of tadpolegraphs and its line graphs. International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications, 8 (VI). pp. 51-60. ISSN 0973-9424

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In the present paper, we apply a standard computational procedure to find coefficients of characteristic polynomial of a graph described in 4. The non-zero coefficient of the least degree term in the characteristic polynomial gives directly the product of non-zero eigenvalues of the graph. As a result, we can compute an important graph invariant, namely, det(G) determinant of a graph G 1 or Pdet(G) pseudo-determinant of a graph G 8. In the present work, we have computed extensively the det(G) or Pdet(G) for all Tadpole graphs Tm,n and their line graphs.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Tadpole Graph and Line Graph of Tadpole Graph and Characteristic Polynomial of a Graph and Determinant and Pseudo-Determinant of a Graph
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