Vertical structure of mesospheric echoes from the Indian MST radar

Kamala, S. and Rao, D. Narayana and Chakravarty, S. C. and Jayati Datta and Prasad, B. S. N. (2003) Vertical structure of mesospheric echoes from the Indian MST radar. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 65 (1). 71 - 83. ISSN 1364-6826

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An experiment has been carried out using the Indian MST Radar located at Gadanki (13.5°E,79.2°N) to investigate the radio wave (53MHz) scattering characteristics from mesospheric region and associated dynamical phenomena. The main objective is to study the temporal variation of the vertical structure of the radar return echo power and the dynamics of the scattering regions within the mesosphere based on the observations conducted during the period March 1998–July 1999 with radar time provided for 2 days per month. The results presented here show general agreement with those obtained earlier using the Jicamarca radar. However, some of the new features brought out by the analysis of data include (a) significant height variation of the main scattering field/layer occurring between 68 and 76km with lowest in winter and highest in summer months, (b) the intensity of radar return echo shows periodic variations indicating generation and decay of major scattering centres caused by neutral turbulence and (c) the absolute magnitudes of the line-of-sight velocities are found to be anti-correlated with the strength of the return echo power. The mechanisms leading to the fluctuations in the refractive indices responsible for mesospheric echoes are discussed and a synthesised view is presented for possible explanations to these results.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: MST radar, Mesospheric turbulence, Mesospheric dynamics, Scattering layers, Electron density irregularities
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