Synthesis and characterization of novel phthalocyanines with nitrone substituents

Achar, B. N. and Mohan Kumar, T. M. (2007) Synthesis and characterization of novel phthalocyanines with nitrone substituents. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 11 (01). pp. 42-49. ISSN 1099-1409

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A novel series of nitrone-substituted, metal phthalocyanine complexes (the central metal ion being Co, Ni and Cu, respectively) were synthesized for the first time in pure state with quantitative yield. These complexes were characterized using elemental analysis, UV-visible, IR-spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility, X-ray crystallography, and thermogravimetry. All three complexes had a monoclinic structure with different crystal lattice constants. Horowitz-Metzger, Coats-Redfern and Broido's relations were employed to calculate the kinetic and activation parameters associated with the thermal decomposition of the above complexes. Electrical conductivity studies were undertaken for all three complexes using a two-probe technique in the temperature range 30-200°C. They showed an improvement of 103-105 times the electrical conductivity at room temperature, compared to the corresponding unsubstituted metal phthalocyanines.

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