Hydrothermal synthesis of Nanosized crystals of diamond under sub-natural conditions

Basavalingu, B. and Byrappa, K. and Madhusudan, P. (2007) Hydrothermal synthesis of Nanosized crystals of diamond under sub-natural conditions. Journal of the Geological Society of India, 69 (3). 665- 670. ISSN 0974-6889

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The hydrothermal synthesis of diamond was carried out in the silicon carbide - organic compound system. The organic compounds were expected to dissociate in a closed system to generate C-O-H supercritical fluids, which are known for their high dissolving power and influence on the type of elemental carbon formation, especially in stabilizing the sp3-hybridized carbon. The SEM studies reveal that the bulk portions of the carbon formed are spherical/ovoid shaped particles and in a few cases nanosized crystallites. The micro Raman spectral studies of carbon crystallites reveal that they are having typical spectra of sp3-hybridization, thus clearly demonstrating the formation of nano-sized diamond crystallites under sub-natural conditions. In all the above investigations metal catalysts or the seeded diamond were not used, unlike in earlier attempts on the hydrothermal synthesis of diamond.

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