Studies of spatial temporal modelling of urban growth and transport of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Boloor, A. and Nagaraju, D. (2013) Studies of spatial temporal modelling of urban growth and transport of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, 6 (4). pp. 757-776.

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The study presented here develops a spatial temporal model of urban growth and transport for Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has been facing uncontrolled land use change and consequent problems in transport such as congestion, air pollution and decline in its public transport system. Cities change over time which is influenced by factors as population, economic growth, etc contributing to the spatial distribution of locations and activities. The present study focuses on the modelling using the Metronamica land use-transport (M-LUT) model, developed by the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS) in The Netherlands. Spatial temporal land use and transport data were acquired from remote sensing and GIS techniques as an input for the model. The model was then calibrated using historical land use maps of 1980 and the respective transport data. The model was used to observe the spatial temporal change in the urban growth and transport in Jeddah city. The results of the study show that M-LUT is able to reproduce the dynamics of land use and transport interaction. The transport system influences the land use change through accessibility and its impact on the transport system through congestion and the travel distance between the zones. With a minimum dataset for the transport model, the Metronamica land use transport model simulation shows significant changes in the land use and transport network which looks promising for the future simulation. Although a high spatial accuracy was not achieved due to lack of appropriate transition rules, a full calibration of the full model is seen as an important and possible next step in the research.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Models, urban area, Geographic information systems, GIS, remote sensing, Remote sensing, spatial analysis, Calibration, Remote sensing and GIS, Economics, Land use, land use change, Atmospheric movements, Transportation, Netherlands, Jeddah, Land use and transports, Land use-transport models, Makkah Saudi Arabia, Public transport systems, Saudi Arabia, Spatial temporal model, Spatial-temporal changes, traffic congestion, Transport modeling, transportation system, urban growth, Urban growth, urban transport
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