Pyrazoles: Synthetic strategies and their pharmaceutical applications-an overview

Ajay Kumar, K. and Jayaroopa, P. (2013) Pyrazoles: Synthetic strategies and their pharmaceutical applications-an overview. International Journal of PharmTech Research, 5 (4). pp. 1473-1486.

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Pyrazoles are an important class of five membered heterocyclic compounds; are widely found as the core structure in a large variety of compounds that possess important agrochemical and pharmaceutical activities. Pyrazoles have been the recent target of numerous methodologies, mostly due to their prevalence as scaffolds in synthesis of bioactive compounds and reactions in different media. The aim of this review is to provide an up to date developments in the synthetic strategies, biological activities associated with pyrazole derivatives. Different synthetic methodologies and the diverse pharmacological activities of pyrazole moiety was discussed.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: 1, 1 (2 4 dinitrophenyl) 3 aryl 4 (arylsulfanyl) 1h pyrazoles, 1 (5 methyl 4h pyrazol 3 yl)methanamine, 1 acetyl 3, 1 acetyl 3 (2, 1h pyrazole, 2 (5 substituted 1h pyrazol 3 yl) naphthalen 1 ol, 3 (3, 3 diaryl 4 halo 1h pyrazole, 3 methyl 1h pyrazol 5(4h) one, 4 dihydroxyphenyl) 5 (3 methylphenyl) 4, 4 dimethylphenyl) 5 (4 methoxyphenyl) 4, 5 chloro 1 phenyl 3 methyl pyrazolo 4 methinethiosemicarbazone, 5 dihydro (1h) pyrazole, 5 dihydro (1h) pyrazoles, 5 dihydro 1h pyrazole 1 carbothioamide, 5 diphenyl 4, analgesic activity, antibacterial activity, antifungal activity, antiinflammatory activity, antineoplastic activity, antipyretic activity, benzeneboronic acid, biological activity, celecoxib, drug elimination, drug synthesis, erlotinib, hydrazone derivative, imidazole, microwave irradiation, n (1 methyl 1h pyrazole 4 carbonyl) thiourea, nitric acid, oxidative dehydrogenation, phenylhydrazine, potassium hydroxide, pyrazole derivative, review, rimonabant, sildenafil, sulfuric acid, tautomer, trifluoroacetic anhydride, unclassified drug
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