Butcher, Ray J. and Jasinski, Jerry P. and Narayana, B. and Sunil, K. and Yathirajan, H. S. (2007) 2-(4-Chloro­phen­yl)-3-{[(1E)-(4-chloro­phen­yl)methyl­ene]amino}-2,3-di­hydro­quinazolin-4(1H)-one. Acta Crystallographica Section E, 63 (10). o4025-o4026. ISSN 2056-9890

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The title mol­ecule, C21H15Cl2N3O, consists of two coplanar 4-chloro­phenyl groups bonded to a distorted (envelope) dihydro­quinazoline ring with a dihedral angle of 58.9 (1)° between the 4-chlorophenyl groups. The angles between the mean planes of the benzyl group of the nonplanar dihydro­quinazoline group and those of the two 4-chloro­phenyl groups are 82.0 (6) and 84.3 (3)°, respectively. The torsion angle of the methyl­ene amine linkage indicates a significant twist between the dihydro­quinazolin-4(1H)-one and attached 4-chloro­phenyl group. Disordered chlorine atoms (0.86:0.14) occur within the singly attached 4-chloro­phenyl group bonded to the dihydro­quinazoline ring. Crystal packing is stabilized by inter­molecular N—H⋯O hydrogen bonding between dihydro­quinazoline groups, linking the mol­ecules into chains along the b axis

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