Biological monitoring among benzene-exposed workers in Bangalore city,India

Raghavan, S. and Basavaiah, K. (2005) Biological monitoring among benzene-exposed workers in Bangalore city,India. Biomarkers, 10 (5). pp. 336-341. ISSN 1366-5804

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AbstractEnvironmental and biological monitoring was carried out in the winter season of 2004 for 30 gasoline station workers (study subjects) and 30 office workers (controls) of Bangalore city, India. Personal air sampling was carried out in the breathing zone of workers using an Anasorb CSC sorbent tube (SKC 226-01) fitted to the low-flow personal samplers (PCXR4 and pocket pump Model No. 210-1002) at a flow rate of 200 ml min−1 during the shift work of 8 h. The benzene content adsorbed in the sorbent tube (SKC 226-01) was desorbed with 1 ml of benzene-free carbon disulfide on a developing vibrator and later analysed by Trace GC fitted with MXT-624 column and flame ionization detector. The mean time weighted average benzene concentration found among study and controls was 1.10±1.08 and 0.070±0.035 mg m−3, respectively. Biological monitoring for benzene exposure was performed by measuring trans,trans muconic acid (t,t-MA) in the end shift urine samples using HPLC-UV technique. End-shift urine samples (1 ml) were adjusted to pH 7–9 with phosphate buffer pH 7.4 passed through the preconditioned Q-SAX anion-exchange cartridge and the (t,t-MA) is extracted with 10% acetic acid and later analysed by HPLC-UV detection The mean t,t-MA found among study and controls were 563.16±281.81 and 266.88±110.65 µg g−1 creatinine. About 50% of the study subjects (15) have higher t,t-MA values than the biological exposure index of the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH). Correlation is significant at 5% level (p<0.05) between personal air benzene concentration and urinary t,t-MA in the study group. Based on these findings, the t,t-MA can be used as a biomarker for benzene exposure.

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