Sensitive and selective iodometric determination of enalapril maleate in pharmaceuticals

Vinay, K. B. and Revanasiddappa, H. D. and Shantala, P. R. and Tharpa, K. and Basavaiah, K. (2009) Sensitive and selective iodometric determination of enalapril maleate in pharmaceuticals. National Academy Science Letters-India, 32 (9-10). pp. 267-274. ISSN 2250-1754

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Two simple and selective titrimetric methods are described for the determination of enalapril maleate (ENP) in bulk drug and in tablets. The methods make use of a well-known reaction between iodide and iodate in the presence of acid solution. Iodide present is oxidized by iodate in an amount equivalent to the carboxylic group present in ENP to iodine and the liberated iodine is determined by two different procedures which inturn quantify ENP. In the direct titrimetric procedure (method A) liberated iodine is titrated directly with standard thiosulphate to a starch end point. Indirect titrimetry (method B) involves treating the sample Solution with a measured excess of standard thiosulphate in-the presence of a large excess of iodate-iodide mixture followed by the determination of residual thiosulphate with standard iodine with starch as indicator. The methods were validated for reaction stiochiometry, linear range, intra-day and inter-day accuracy and precision, robustness and ruggedness, and selectivity. Both the methods follow a reaction stiochiometry of 1:3 (ENP: liberated iodine), and have quantification ranges of 4-20 mg ENP for method A and 1-20 mg ENP for method B. The methods were successfully applied to the analysis of two brands of tablets containing ENP.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Titrimetry; Iodate-iodide; Enalapril maleate; Pharmaceuticals
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