TGB phases in the binary mixtures of nematic and cholesteric compounds

Nagappa, N. and Mahadeva, J. and Mohyeddine, S. and Yalemaggad, C. V. and Anitha Nagami, S. and Uma Herimath, S. and Revannasiddaiah, D. and Krishnaswamy, M. V. (2009) TGB phases in the binary mixtures of nematic and cholesteric compounds. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 508. pp. 242-248. ISSN 1563-5287

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We report here some interesting optical textures and phase behavior exhibited by the binary mixtures of Cholestryl 5-(4-((4-hexylphenylimino) methyl)-3-hydroxyphenoxy) pentanoate (C74) and n-Butyloxybenzylidene- p-pentylaniline (BBPA). The samples with 1% to 30% of BBPA exhibit smectic and cholesteric phases. The intermediate concentrations ranging from 30% to 70% of BBPA exhibit smectic A, smectic C*, smectic G, smectic F and smectic B phases. The mixtures with higher concentrations from 71% to 99% of BBPA show Blue phase - N* - TGBA - TGBC - TGBC* - UTGBC* - Sm A phases, Sequentially. The phase behavior exhibited by the samples of different concentrations of BBPA has been studied using polarizing microscope and from the DSC recordings.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: liquid crystals; phase transition; TGB; TGBC*; UTGBC*
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