Inhibition of naja naja venom hyaluronidase:role in the management of poisonous bite

Girish, K. S. and Kemparaju, K. (2006) Inhibition of naja naja venom hyaluronidase:role in the management of poisonous bite. Life Sciences, 78 (13). 1433 - 1440. ISSN 1879-0631

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Hyaluronidase is present virtually in all snake venoms and has been known as a “spreading factor.” The enzyme damages the extracellular matrix at the site of the bite, leading to severe morbidity. In this study, the benefits of inhibiting the hyaluronidase activity of Indian cobra (Naja naja) venom have been investigated. Anti-NNH1 and aristolochic acid both inhibited the in vitro activity of the purified hyaluronidase, (NNH1) and the hyaluronidase activity of whole venom in a dose-dependent manner. Both anti-NNH1 and aristolochic acid abolished the degradation of hyaluronan in human skin tissue sections by NNH1 and by whole venom. Aristolochic acid quenched the fluorescent emission of NNH1. A non-competitive mechanism of NNH1 inhibition was observed with aristolochic acid. NNH1 potentiates the toxicity of Daboia russellii VRV-PL-VIII myotoxin and hemorrhagic complex-I. However, the potentiation of toxicity was inhibited dose-dependently by anti-NNH1 and aristolochic acid. Further, mice injected with whole venom which had been preincubated with anti-NNH1/aristolochic acid, showed more than a two-fold increase in survival time, compared to mice injected with venom alone. A more moderate increase in survival time was observed when mice were injected with anti-NNH1/aristolochic acid 10 min after whole venom injection. This study illustrates the significance of venom hyaluronidase in the pathophysiology of snake venom poisoning and the therapeutic value of its inhibition.

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