Squeezing in multivariate spin systems

Sirsi, Swarnamala (2006) Squeezing in multivariate spin systems. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 20 (11n13). pp. 1465-1475. ISSN 1793-6578

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In contrast to the canonically conjugate variates q, p representing the position and momentum of a particle in the phase space distributions, the three Cartesian components, Jx, Jy, Jz of a spin-j system constitute the mutually non-commuting variates in the quasi-probabilistic spin distributions. It can be shown that a univariate spin distribution is never squeezed and one needs to look into either bivariate or trivariate distributions for signatures of squeezing. Several such distributions result if one considers different characteristic functions or moments based on various correspondence rules. As an example, discrete probability distribution for an arbitrary spin-1 assembly is constructed using Wigner-Weyl and Margenau-Hill correspondence rules. It is also shown that a trivariate spin-1 assembly resulting from the exposure of nucleus with non-zero quadrupole moment to combined electric quadrupole field and dipole magnetic field exhibits squeezing in certain cases.

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