Reproductive biology of the slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus lydekkerianus)

Radhakrishna, S. and Singh, M. (2004) Reproductive biology of the slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus lydekkerianus). FOLIA PRIMATOLOGICA, 75 (1). pp. 1-13.

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The slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus lydekkerianus), a nocturnal prosimian, was studied for 21 months in its natural habitat of scrub jungle in Dindigul, south India. Here we report on its reproductive biology. Identified and unidentified lorises were observed for a total of 2,656 h. Reproductive seasonality was seen, with births and oestrus observed to be highest in April-June and October-December. The mating system was promiscuous with 1 female mating successively with 3-4 males. A gestation of 5.5 months and an inter-birth interval of 7 months were recorded. Adult females had a reproductive potential of 4 infants per year. The findings presented in this paper constitute the first information on the life history parameters of wild slender lorises. Copyright (C) 2004 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: slender loris; breeding seasonality; mating system; gestation; inter-birth interval; birth peak; Loris lydekkerianus
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