Factor Xa-like and fibrin(ogen)olytic activities of a serine protease from hippasa agelenoides spider venom gland extract

Devaraja, S. and Girish, K. S. and Devaraj, V. R. and Kemparaju, K. (2009) Factor Xa-like and fibrin(ogen)olytic activities of a serine protease from hippasa agelenoides spider venom gland extract. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, 29 (1). pp. 119-126. ISSN 1573-742X

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In the recent past, a low molecular mass serine protease, the Hag-protease that caused pro-coagulant activity and as well as local toxicity was isolated and characterized from the Hippasa agelenoides spider venom gland extract (Devaraja et al., Toxicon 52:130--138, 2008). In the current study, the pro-coagulant property has been investigated further and the results are presented. The Hag-protease reduced the re-calcification time of citrated human plasma. It reduced the activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), and prothrombin time (PT) suggesting its participation in common pathway of blood coagulation. Interestingly, it coagulated the citrated human plasma in the absence of CaCl2 but, it was lacking thrombin-like activity as it did not clot the purified fibrinogen. Strikingly, the enzyme coagulated the factor X deficient congenital human plasma, suggesting the factor Xa-like activity. However, the cumulative augmented activity was observed in presence of CaCl2 and phospholipids. Further, the Hag-protease preferentially hydrolyzed the Aα chain and then the Bβ-chain, but not the γ-chain. As a result, truncated fibrinogen generated was lacking in the polymerization property. It hydrolyzed all the subunits of partially cross-liked fibrin clot (α-polymer, α-chain, β-chain, and γ—γ dimers). Further, at low concentrations, the Hag-protease stimulated the aggregation of human platelets in platelet rich plasma, but at high concentrations caused spontaneous clumping. In contrast, it inhibited the collagen induced aggregation of washed human platelets. In summary, the present study for the first time reporting the factor Xa-like activity of a serine protease especially from the spider venom that exhibited opposing effects on hemostasis, the pro-coagulant activity and the anti-coagulant activity including fibrin(ogen)olytic and platelet aggregation inhibition activities.

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