Assessment of urea residues in agricultural soil samples around Mysore, Karnataka, India

Divya, J. and Belagali, S. L. (2012) Assessment of urea residues in agricultural soil samples around Mysore, Karnataka, India. Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 44. pp. 148-154. ISSN 0861-9808

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The present study comprises the analysis of 12 soil samples from rainfed, irrigated and garden lands of agricultural areas around Mysore. The soil samples were analyzed for urea residues, texture, moisture content, bulk density, particle density, water holding capacity, pH, EC, chloride, organic carbon, calcium, magnesium, total nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrate, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. The study reveals that the application of urea fertilizer has a great influence on the physico - chemical properties of the soil. The soil samples S4 and S7 were found to be acidic in nature. Decline in the levels of basic cations like calcium and magnesium was reported compared to the normal levels in the majority of the sampling areas. Higher phosphorus levels were found in all sampling areas, which is due to over-use of phosphate fertilizers. From the study it was concluded that judicious application of urea fertilizers may help maintaining soil quality and productivity. However, it is necessary to apply a liming material to reduce the acidifying effect on agricultural lands in order to maintain basic cation levels in soil.

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