Spatiotemporal Modulation of ERK Activation by GPCRs

Watson, U. and Jain, R. and Asthana, S. and Saini, D. K. (2018) Spatiotemporal Modulation of ERK Activation by GPCRs. In: G Protein-coupled receptors: Emerging paradigms in activation, signaling and regulation. International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, 338 . Elsevier Academic Press inc, San Diego, pp. 111-140. ISBN 9780128137734

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ERK1/2 (extracellular signal-regulated protein kinases) are the nodal proteins that regulate diverse cellular functions primarily in response to activation from receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). Not only is ERK activated through a variety of RTKs, but noncanonical signaling through GPCRs also activates them. Such multimodal activation allows appropriate integration of many inputs to critical cell fate decisions such as proliferation and differentiation that MAP kinases typically regulate. MAP kinases also regulate many polar responses such as apoptosis and proliferation, dedifferentiation-differentiation, and the diversity in the outcomes though the same terminal molecule can be explained based on differences in the activation dynamics and rates. However, two processes have now been established as drivers for most of the diversity recorded in the outcomes of MAP kinase signaling. These parameters are cellular compartmentalization, i.e., spatial confinement of the molecules participating in a pathway and changes in the kinetics of the activation-deactivation, i.e., temporal regulation. While phosphorylation is the key to activating responses, specifically for ERK, the terminal MAP kinase, it is the spatiotemporal dynamics that governs the outcome generated by it. This chapter reviews our present understanding of the spatial and temporal regulation of MAP kinase cascade and the ERK activity, specifically through GPCRs.

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