Influence of nanopores on molecular polarizability and polarization currents in epoxy nanocomposites

Veena, M. G. and Renukappa, N. M. and Meghala, D. and Ranganathaiah, C. and Rajan, J. S. (2014) Influence of nanopores on molecular polarizability and polarization currents in epoxy nanocomposites. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 21 (3). pp. 1166-1174.

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Epoxy resin based nanocomposites with silica (SiO2), alumina (Al2O3) and zinc oxide (ZnO) as nano fillers were fabricated to investigate the relationship between the polarization and depolarization current. The polarization and depolarization current, charge carrier mobility, absorption current and nano size free volume cavities of nano dielectric epoxy composites and their interrelation are discussed. It is observed that the current magnitude increases in the three nanocomposites with loading of nano SiO2, Al2O3 and ZnO and the peak width of each composite is greater than that of pure epoxy. Free volume studies are carried out using positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS). From the results it is observed that molecular polarizability decreases and charge carrier mobility increases with the incorporation of SiO2, Al2O3 and ZnO loading. This trend is typical in Al 2O3, whereas in case of SiO2 the molecular polarizability is unaffected and with ZnO, molecular polarizability and charge carrier mobility decrease above 10 wt% filler. The Al2O3 nanofillers are structurally different as compared to SiO2 and ZnO fillers. It is observed that Al2O3 has more influence on polarizability of the composite.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Nanocomposites, Zinc oxide, Charge carriers, Free volume, Loading, Polarization, Fillers, Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy, Positron annihilation spectroscopy, Silica, Aluminum, Alumina, Absorption currents, Carrier mobility, Current magnitudes, Epoxy nanocomposites, Epoxy resins, Molecular polarizabilities, Polarizabilities, Polarization and depolarization currents, Polarization current
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