Light, x-ray, and neutron scattering techniques for miscibility and phase behavior studies in polymer blends

Ranganathaiah, C. (2014) Light, x-ray, and neutron scattering techniques for miscibility and phase behavior studies in polymer blends. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 9783527666874

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A brief general description of scattering mechanism as applicable to light, X-rays, and neutrons is provided in this chapter. As a prerequisite, the forms of radiation that can be used to investigate crystal structure or molecular structure shall satisfy two primary requirements. First, the radiation should possess wave property so that scattered waves superpose coherently, thereby revealing the structure of the scattering medium. Secondly, the wavelength of the radiation should be of the same order of magnitude as the lattice constant of the medium from which scattering occurs. There are several advancements made in light, X-ray, and neutron scattering techniques, and an earnest effort is made to provide the knowledge gained from these methods in understanding the two aspects discussed in this chapter, namely, miscibility and phase behavior. These are understood in terms of phase boundaries and interfaces in miscible and immiscible polymer blends. In addition, the diffused interfaces and interface widths at the molecular level are highlighted. Novel techniques such as positron annihilation lifetime measurements have taken a lead to provide greater in-depth knowledge of the interfaces in binary and ternary blends, which will certainly be an essential input to fabrication of new materials from the blending process so that the specific demands of the industry and technology are met.

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