A bird view of customer perceptions towards the soaps and detergents of Bangalore KS&DL

Mahadeva Murthy, C. and Veena, K. P. (2015) A bird view of customer perceptions towards the soaps and detergents of Bangalore KS&DL. International Journal of Current Research, 7 (7). pp. 18060-18064. ISSN 0975-833X

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India is the world�s richest sandalwood resources is from one isolated stretch of forests land in south India that in Karnataka. The origin of sandalwood and its oil in Karnataka, which is used in making of Mysore sandal soap, it is well known as Fragrant Ambassador of India and sandalwood oil is in fact known as �liquid gold�. Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KS&DL) is the only company is having the license to extract sandal oil in India. This is the only company using pure sandal oil for manufacturing toilet soaps and other products. This is the largest Government soap manufacturing company in India. KS&DL collecting raw materials i.e., sandals from south Indian States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and some parts of Pune, Mysore is largest place in India having sandal trees. World production 85 of sandalwood production is from India, 10 is from Srilanka, and 5 from Australia. KS&DL is the true inheritor of golden legacy of India the product produced and marketed are the16 verities of toilet soaps, 04 verities of detergents, 02 verities of talcum powder, 13 verities of agarba this and verities of Mysore herbal care in the brand name of Mysore sandal. The main objectives of this research paper includes theoretical background on current scenario of Mysore Sandal Soaps and detergents and to highlight the demographic profile of the customers of KS&DL situated in Bangalore city through conducting a survey of 180 sample respondents. The paper further analyses the customers� satisfaction and perception towards soaps and detergents and the extent of influence of the product attributes and brand preferences and brand loyalty in their buying behaviour.

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