Taxonomical Study and Diversity of Rotifers in Chikkadevarayana Canal of Cauvery River, Karnataka, India

Venkataramana, G. V. and Sandhya Rani, P. N. and Smitha (2015) Taxonomical Study and Diversity of Rotifers in Chikkadevarayana Canal of Cauvery River, Karnataka, India. International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 4 (8). pp. 13-21. ISSN 2319–1414

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The study was undertaken to assess the diversity and taxonomical observations of rotifers in Chikkadevaraya canal (CDC). The investigation revealed that 27 species belonging to 15 genera and 9 families coming under 3 orders and 2 classes, were observed, photographed and also identified up to species level and are reported for the first time in this region. Among 22 genera of rotifers, the maximum of 11 species belonged to family Brachionidae followed by 5 species from family Lecanidae, 2 species of Euchlanidae, Collurellidae, Notommatidae and Philodinidae respectively. One species each from family Trichocercidae, Testudinellidae and Filinidae. The genus Brachionus, Keratella and Euchlanis was found in all the five sampling points. Euchlanis dialata was abundant while Macrotrachela quadricornifera was found to be least. Species abundance was higher at Gandehosahalli followed by Darsaguppe, Kannalu, Edmuri and lowest in Pandavapura sampling stations. Shannon�s diversity was also found to be highest at Gandehosahalli (2.63) while low in Pandavapura (1.78). The samples of water were used to conduct physico-chemical parameters like temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity, total hardness, chlorides, total solids, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, sulphate, phosphate and nitrate etc. Statistical interpretations of data were presented based on correlation analysis. The population of rotifes were positively correlated with pH, total alkalinity, hardness and negativly correlated with total suspended solids and total solids of water samples

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Rotifer Diversity and Taxonomy and Brachionidae and E. Dialata and Dissolved Oxygen and CDC
Subjects: B Life Science > Environmental Science
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