Study of geochemical behavior of heavy metals in agricultural crops

Abhilash, M. R. and Shiva Kumar, D. and Srikantaswamy, S and Jagadish, K. and Nagaraju, A. (2015) Study of geochemical behavior of heavy metals in agricultural crops. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, 5 (9).

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Water plays an important role in the living organism life cycle for the different process in their internal body. The fresh water availability is comparatively low when compare to the global water concentration and availability to the living organism from different sources for their life. In such conditions the wastewater occupies a major contributor where these wastewaster would be reuse for the domestic purpose in the industrial and municipal areas. In this aspect in all the major cities wastewater treatment plants have been constructed to treat the urban wastewater in view of decreasing the water scarcity. Urban wastewater treatment leads to the generation of large quantities of biosolids. During this study the properties of UWW, biosolid and biosolid amended soil were determined. The heavymetal concentration and their behavior was studied in UWW and the plants which were grown by UWW in the surrounding irrigated areas. Determination of their mobilization capacity and behavior in the environment is an important task. An experimental approach commonly used for study the mobility, transport and bioavailability of metal in biosolids is the use of selective sequential extraction procedure. In the present study an attempt has been made to study the heavy metal properties in biosolid samples collected from urban wastewater treatment plants located at Mysuru, Karnataka. The concentration of these metals in biosolids and their partition in different fractions were studied

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Urban Wastewater (UWW) and Biosoild and Heavy Metal and Uptake and Fraction and Mysuru
Subjects: B Life Science > Environmental Science
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