A study on multiple intelligence of B Ed. teacher trainees at Mysore

Jagadeesha, E. and Praveena, K. B. (2015) A study on multiple intelligence of B Ed. teacher trainees at Mysore. International Journal of Social and Economic Research, 5 (4). pp. 164-173. ISSN 2249-6270

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Every person is unique in nature. Even though people look similar in some aspects, they are definitely different in many other aspects. These differences between individuals that separate them are known as Individual differences. The theory of Multiple Intelligences is primarily a cognitive theory that makes a strong argument for the teaching. The theory developed by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard university�s Project Zero in early the early 1980�sand suggests that traditional notion of intelligence, as measured by intelligence quotient testing is too narrowly defined. Gardner proposes three dimensions with categories of intelligence. Analytic (Logical, Musical and Naturalist) Interactive (Verbal, Interpersonal, Kinesthetic) and Introspective (Intrapersonal, Visual, Existential). The present study aimed to study the Multiple intelligence among the B. Ed teacher trainees of Mysore city with respect to their subjects and gender.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Multiple Intelligence and B Ed Teacher Trainees
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