Procoagulant serine glycoprotease from Cucumis sativus L.: action on human fibrinogen and fibrin clot

Nafeesa, Zohara and Shivalingu, B. R. and Neema, K. N. and Achar, Raghu Ram and Venkatesh, B. K. and Hanchinal, Veeresh and Priya, B. S. and Nanjunda Swamy, S. (2017) Procoagulant serine glycoprotease from Cucumis sativus L.: action on human fibrinogen and fibrin clot. 3 Biotech, 7 (2). p. 96. ISSN 2190-5738

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Upon examination of the fruit extract of Cucumis sativus L. for its pharmacological benefits, it was previously observed that it has potential proteolytic, fibrinogenolytic and procoagulant activities. These properties can be attributed to the presence of the protease. In this regard, the present study comprised of purification and characterization of protease. Purification of the enzyme involved ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. The purified cucumis protease (CPro) exhibits homogeneity as attested by SDS-PAGE and RP-HPLC with a retention time of 14.246 min with molecular mass ~75.3 kDa. CPro was identified as a glycoprotein and serine protease. Azocasein is the preferred substrate for CPro as it showed low Km value of 0.3809 mg/ml. Purified CPro exhibits optimum activity at 37 °C and pH 8. CPro shows its involvement in hemostasis---the very first step in wound healing. CPro degrades the subunits of human fibrinogen in the order Aα > Bβ > γ. It also hydrolyzes the subunits of the partially cross-linked fibrin clot in the order α-polymer > γ—γ dimer > β-chain. CPro reduced the clotting time of citrated plasma, prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time of plasma. CPro is neither hemorrhagic nor edema-inducing, thus considered to be a non-toxic protease. This work provides evidence for the use of cucumber extract in wound healing and authenticates its use in cosmetics.

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