Transformation graph Gxy with Xy = + -

Sahal, A. M. and Mathad, V. (2015) Transformation graph Gxy with Xy = + -. International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics, 4. pp. 25-32.

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For any graph G, let V (G) and E(G) denote the vertex set and the edge set of G, respectively. The transformation graph G+- of G is the graph with vertex set V (G) .E(G) and two vertices are adjacent if and only if they correspond to two adjacent edges of G or to a vertex and an edge not incident with it in G. In this paper, we obtain structural properties and eccentricity properties of G+-. We establish characterization of graphs whose G+- are Eulerian. In addition, we obtain middle graphs, total graphs and quasi-total graphs of G, which are isomorphic to G+-.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Eccentricity and Transformation Graph and Smarandachely Transformation Graph and Middle Graph and Total Graph and Quasi-Total Graph
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