Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effect of pachygone ovataleaves

Maraheland, Shirin and Umesha, S. (2016) Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effect of pachygone ovataleaves. Harmaceutical biology, 54 (12). pp. 3046-3054.

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Context:Pachygone ovata(Poir.) Miers ex Hook. F. et Thoms (Menispermaceae) is a rich source of bioactive bisbenzylisoquinoline and aporphine alkaloids.Objective:This study investigates thein vitroandin vivoanti-inflammatory and antino ciceptive potential of Pachygone ovataleaves.Materials and methods:Lipoxygenase (LOX) assay for anti-inflammatory activity was conducted usingMeOH, EA, H and Aq extracts; followed by alkaloid isolation. The anti-inflammatory potential was deter-mined using carrageenan-induced paw oedema and formalin tests for evaluation ofPachygone ovataanal-gesic effect. Different doses (100, 300 and 400lg/kg) were administered orally to Wistar rats for a periodof one week, once daily.Results:MeOH and EA extract efficiently inhibited LOX (IC501.43 and 2.15lg/mL, respectively). MeOHextract had better inhibiting capacity (57%) than indomethacin (51%) in carrageenan induced rats. MeOHextract (300lg/kg) significantly reduced the increased levels of nitric oxide (8 ± 0.57 M), total leukocytecount (4.5 ± 0.05 cells 103/cells) and C-reactive protein (55 ± 0.45 mg/mL). There was a decrease in variousserum biochemical markers (ALT, AST). Histopathological studies revealed reduction in oedema anddecreased cellular infiltration on supplementation with MeOH extract. Furthermore, MeOH extract (300lg/kg)and alkaloid fraction (400lg/kg) effected both phases (neurogenic and inflammatory) of formalin injectedmodels.Discussion and conclusion:Inflammatory mediators play a key role in inflammation; therefore, keeping itin control is of utmost importance. The usefulness ofPachygone ovataleaves on pain and inflammationhas been described, probably due to its effect on inflammatory mediators and high alkaloid content.

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