Ethyl 1-benzyl-2-(4-meth­­oxy­phen­yl)-1H-benzimid­azole-5-carboxyl­ate

Naveen, S. and Vasantha Kumar and Poojary, Boja and Shivarama Holla, B. and Lokanath, N. K. and Abdoh, M. M. M. (2016) Ethyl 1-benzyl-2-(4-meth­­oxy­phen­yl)-1H-benzimid­azole-5-carboxyl­ate. IUCrData, 1 (11). x161759. ISSN 2414-3146

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The title benzimidazole derivative, C\sb 24H\sb 22N\sb 2O\sb 3, is T-shaped with the meth\-oxy\-phenyl and benzyl rings inclined to the imidazole ring system (r.m.s. deviation = 0.009Å) by 46.73(10) and 88.88(15)\circ, respectively. The phenyl ring and meth\-oxy\-phenyl rings are inclined at an angle of 82.14(16)\circ. In the crystal, weak C—-H⋅sO hydrogen bonds link the mol\-ecules into 101 {\it C}(14) chains.

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