2-(2-Iso­propyl­phen­­oxy)acetic acid

Mohammed, Yasser Hussein Issa and Naveen, S. and Mamatha, S. V. and Jyothi, Mahima and Khanum, Shaukath Ara and Lokanath, N. K. (2016) 2-(2-Iso­propyl­phen­­oxy)acetic acid. IUCrData, 1 (10). x161714. ISSN 2414-3146

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In the title compound, C\sb 11H\sb 14O\sb 3, the pendant —OCH\sb 2COOH chain is in an extended conformation and almost lies in the plane of the benzene ring, as indicated by the dihedral angle of 2.61(5)\circ. In the crystal, mol\-ecules are linked by a pair of O—-H⋅sO hydrogen bonds, forming classical carb\-oxy\-lic acid inversion dimers, with an \it R\sb 2\sp 2(8) loop. The crystal structure of this compound have been reported previously Smith {\it et al.} (1992). {\it Aust. J. Chem.} {\bf 45}, 1101{--}1108, however, in that report, the unit-cell dimensions differ significantly from those of the title structure and the carboxyl H atom was disordered within a cyclic hydrogen-bonded dimer.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: crystal structure, phenoxy carboxylic acid, O-H...O hydrogen bonds, inversion dimer
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