Enrofloxacinium picrate

Jasinski, J. P. and Butcher, Ray J. and Siddegowda, M. S. and Yathirajan, H. S. and Siddaraju, B. P. (2011) Enrofloxacinium picrate. Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online, 67 (2). O432-U1219. ISSN 2056-9890

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There is one cation-anion pair in the asymmetric unit of the title compound systematic name: 4-(3-carboxy-6-fluoro-4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinolin-7-yl)-1-ethylpiperazin-1 -ium 2,4,6trinitrophenolate], C19H23FN3O3+center dot C6H2N3O7-. The sixmembered piperazine group in the cation adopts a slightly distorted chair conformation and contains a protonated N atom. The dihedral angles between the mean planes of the cyclopropyl and piperazine rings in the cation with the 10-atom ring system of the quinolone group are 48.1 (1) and 69.9 (5)degrees, respectively. The picrate anion interacts with the protonated N atom of an adjacent cation through a bifurcated N-H center dot center dot center dot O three-center hydrogen bond, forming an R-1(2) (6) ring motif. Furthermore, there is an intramolecular O-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bond. The dihedral angle between the mean planes of the anion benzene and cation piperizine, quinoline and cyclopropyl rings are 61.3 (6), 31.1 (4) and 70.4 (9)degrees, respectively. The mean planes of the two o-NO2 and single p-NO2 groups in the picrate anion are twisted by 6.7 (6), 38.3 (9) and 12.8 (7)degrees with respect to the mean plane of the benzene ring. Strong N-H center dot center dot center dot O and weak intermolecular C-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bonds in concert with weak pi-pi stacking interactions centroid-centroid distances = 3.5785 (13), 3.7451 (12) and 3.6587 (13) angstrom] dominate the crystal packing.

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