Spatial and temporal requirement of Mlp60A isoforms during muscle development and function in Drosophila melanogaster

Wishard, Rohan and Jayaram, Mohan and Ramesh, Saraf R. and Nongthomba, Upendra (2023) Spatial and temporal requirement of Mlp60A isoforms during muscle development and function in Drosophila melanogaster. Experimental Cell Research, 422 (1). ISSN 1090-2422

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Many myofibrillar proteins undergo isoform switching in a spatio-temporal manner during muscle development. The biological significance of the variants of several of these myofibrillar proteins remains elusive. One such myofibrillar protein, the Muscle LIM Protein (MLP), is a vital component of the Z-discs. In this paper, we show that one of the Drosophila MLP encoding genes, Mlp60A, gives rise to two isoforms: a short (279 bp, 10 kDa) and a long (1461 bp, 54 kDa) one. The short isoform is expressed throughout development, but the long isoform is adult-specific, being the dominant of the two isoforms in the indirect flight muscles (IFMs). A concomitant, muscle-specific knockdown of both isoforms leads to partial developmental lethality, with most of the surviving flies being flight defective. A global loss of both isoforms in a Mlp60A-null background also leads to developmental lethality, with muscle defects in the individuals that survive to the third instar larval stage. This lethality could be rescued partially by a muscle-specific overexpression of the short isoform. Genetic perturbation of only the long isoform, through a P-element insertion in the long isoform-specific coding sequence, leads to defective flight, in around 90% of the flies. This phenotype was completely rescued when the P-element insertion was precisely excised from the locus. Hence, our data show that the two Mlp60A isoforms are functionally specialized: the short isoform being essential for normal embryonic muscle development and the long isoform being necessary for normal adult flight muscle function.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Muscle-LIM-Protein; Drosophila; Striated muscles; Isoform switching; Z -discs
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