Growth, morphology, structure and properties of Na(3)BaCl(5)2H(2)O crystals

Byrappa, K. and Khandhaswamy, M.A. and Srinivasan, V. (1999) Growth, morphology, structure and properties of Na(3)BaCl(5)2H(2)O crystals. Crystal Research and Technology, 34 (7). pp. 843-850.

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Single crystals of Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O were obtained from saturated aqueous solutions at two different temperatures (27 degrees C and 32 degrees C) The crystal size increases with increasing temperature. The crystals obtained were subjected to a systematic morphological, X-ray and thermal analyses. The study of as-groan crystal morphology and surface morphology of Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O crystals clearly indicate the requirement of a slow rate of evaporation at temperatures 27 to 28 degrees C, moderate supersaturation in order to obtain high quality single crystals of Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O. The X-ray diffraction studies give the following cell parameters for the title compound: monoclinic, P2(1)/n, a = 8.5773(9), b = 9.5502(4), c = 5.2873(3) Angstrom, beta =92.069 degrees, V = 432.8 Angstrom(3), Z = 2. The study of TGA curves indicate the occurrence of dehydration process at around 200 degrees C and not the decomposition of the compound. Similarly, the low temperature DSC study indicates a thermal anomaly at 267 K, and the high temperature DSC study (323 K to 873 K) indicates the transition from dihydrate to monohydrate and in turn anhydrous state at 454.6 It for Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O crystals. Thus both the TGA & DSC curves conclude that the Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O crystals contain two molecules of water of crystallization and its molecular formula is Na3BaCl5.2H(2)O.

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