Kinetics of oxidation of cysteine by bromamine-T in H2SO4 medium

Jagadeesha, M.B. and Ananda, S. and Ramananda, M.G. (1998) Kinetics of oxidation of cysteine by bromamine-T in H2SO4 medium. Asian Journal of Chemistry, 10 (4). pp. 937-946.

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The kinetics of oxidation of cysteine by sodium N-bromotoluene sulfonamide (bromamaine-T or BAT) in H2SO4 medium has been carried out at 30 degrees C. The effect of H+] and SO42-], variation of ionic strength and dielectric constant to the medium on the rate of reaction has been studied. Addition of the reaction product, toluene sulfonamide had no effect on the rate of reaction. Thermodynamic parameters have been evaluated by studying the kinetics at various temperatures. Suitable mechanism has been proposed in consistency with the kinetic results.

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