Palladium(II)-phenothiazine complexes: Synthesis and characterization

Gowda, N.M.M. and Vallabhaneni, R.K. and Gajula, I. and Ananda, S. (1997) Palladium(II)-phenothiazine complexes: Synthesis and characterization. Journal of Molecular Structure, 407 (2-3). pp. 125-130.

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Palladium(II) chloride or nitrate complexes of phenothiazine and its derivatives have been prepared. The new complexes were characterized by their elemental analyses, molar conductivity, magnetic susceptibility and spectroscopic data. The molecular formulae of the complexes were found to be: C12H9NS)(2)PdCl2].H2O where C12H9NS = phenothiazine (PTZ); C12H8CINS)(2)PdCl2] where C12H8CINS = 2-chlorophenothiazine (CPTZ); (C21H27N2S2)Pd2Cl5].2H(2)O where (C21H27N2S2)(+) = protonated thioridazine (TRH+); and (C17H21N2S2)(2)Pd2Cl5]NO3 where (C17H21N2S)(+) = protonated promethazine (PMH+). The PM complex behaves as an electrolyte whereas the other complexes act as nonelectrolytes in solution. All the complexes an diamagnetic species. Tentative structures have been proposed. (C) 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

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