Karyotypic studies of four species of Pipistrellus (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from India

Sreepada, K. S. and Naldu, K. N. and Gururaj, M. E. (1996) Karyotypic studies of four species of Pipistrellus (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from India. Mammalia, 60 (3). pp. 407-416.

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1515/mamm-1996-0306


Four species of Indian vespertilionid bats of the genus Pipistrellus viz., P. dormeii, P. ceylonicus, P. mimus and P. coromandra are karyotypically analysed using conventional and G-banded chromosomes. The karyotypes of the first two and the last species mentioned are described for the first time. The 2n in these species are 36, 36, 38 and 30 and corresponding FNs are 50, 48, 48, 56. Comparative karyotypic analysis indicates that the first four biarmed chromosomes are conserved in the four species. Except for autosomes 9/10, 15/16, 19/20, 23/24 and 27/28 of P. coromandra, all the remaining autosomes of the four species can be homologised, in spite of Robertsonian fusions, fission and pericentric inversions involving a few chromosomes. The X chromosome is identical in all the species, with the exception of P. coromandra. While the telocentric Y chromosome is similar in P. dormeri and P. ceylonicus, it is larger in P. mimus and biarmed in P. coromandra. Karyotypically P. coromandra is quite distant from the remaining three species examined. Intergeneric comparison between the species of Pipistrellus, Myotis and Nyctalus shows that the primitive banding pattern of chromosomal arms is retained during their evolution. It is shown that the metacentric autosome 7/8 of Pipistrellus species has identical counterparts in Nyctalus lasiopterus aviator and Vespertilio superans, indicating its independent origin in these genera. It is suggested that the involvement of the same acrocentrics in the origin of this metacentric autosome is not fortuitous but has a selective advantage.

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