Evaluation of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities from Toona ciliata Roemer

Kavitha, K. S. and Satish, S. (2013) Evaluation of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities from Toona ciliata Roemer. Journal of Analytical Science and Technology, 4 (23).

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Phytobiology perceives medicinal plants as a source of bioactive compounds which can be traced since evolution. The diverse living systems bear a rich biodiversity in nature. Since ancient era before scientific knowledge would evolve plants performed myriad functions on the biosphere. Among which use of plants in curing illness has been well documented. But it was after the advance technology and improved scientific knowledge transformed plants as source of therapeutic agents as they can serve the purpose with lesser side effects that are often associated with synthetic antimicrobials (Nagumanthri et al. 2012). It was estimated that current global market for plant-derived drugs is worth more than 20 billion and the market continues growing (Lin et al. 2013). Perusal of literatures reports the medicinal properties of most of the plants bearing biological activity one such species is Toona ciliata (Meliaceae) which has been exploited for many traditional uses like construction purpose, dye preparation, furniture, medicines etc., (Negi et al. 2011). Toona ciliata along with Siderin, a compound isolated from petroleum ether extract showed significant antibacterial activity and also exhibited significant cytotoxicity (Chowdhury et al. 2003).

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