Synthesis and Characterization of Organic NLO Compound

Kumar, P. and Ravindrachary, V. and Janardhana, K. and Manjunath, H. and Karegoudar, Prakash (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Organic NLO Compound. In: AIP Conf. Proc. 1349,, 26–30 December 2010, Manipal.

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Organic compound 1‐(2 thiophene)‐3‐(2, 3, 5‐trichloroph enyl)‐2‐propen‐1‐one [TTCP] with molecular formula C13H7Cl3OS was synthesized using condensation reaction method. FT‐IR spectra were recorded to identify the various functional groups present in the compound. The third harmonic optical nonlinearity test was carried out using z‐scan technique. The single crystals were grown using slow evaporation solution growth technique. Optical absorption studies reveal that the crystal is transparent in the entire visible region and absorption (around 364 nm) takes place in the UV‐region. The single‐crystal XRD studies were carried out, and it was found that the compound crystallizes in the monoclinic system with a space group P21/c. The observed lattice parameters are a = 16.6170(6) Å b = 7.6180(5) Å c = 10.9280(11) Å and V = 1338.47(17) Å3.

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