Developmental functions and community media: is it illusory?

Padmakumar, K. (2015) Developmental functions and community media: is it illusory? Journal of Media and Social Development, 3 (2). pp. 110-126. ISSN 2320-8244

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The developmental functions of community media is widely recognisedand well documented by a multitude of researchers around the world inthe field of social sciences. Drawing from the functions of communityradio, as prescribed by UNESCO, the paper examines the content andfunctioning of two community radio stations in South India. It examinesthe developmental aspects of community radio. Ideally, a communityradio station should serve the marginalized sections of society by givingthem assurance to expression, encouraging their involvement. A voicebased media assuredly has a greater impact, especially in rural areaswith low literacy rates. In communities with low levels of literacy andpoverty, the radio is the most effective and inexpensive medium withwhich to help catalyse social change (Girard, 1992; Dagron, 2001).When compared with countries like Australia, Philippines and Sri Lanka,Community radio in India is still in its nascent stage. Does it reallyimprove the lives of the community? Or does it simply mimic the mainstreammedia in its approach by disassociating itself from its identity? These aresome of the questions, the paper seeks to address. It attempts to measurethe influence of the demographic characteristics such as gender, age,income, education, and occupation of the community radio listeners ontheir perception of developmental functions of community radio, asoutlined by UNESCO, while also looking at some of the challenges facedby community radio operators in South India.

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