Pearl millet downy mildew: biology of systemic infection by zoospores

Subramanya, S. and Shetty, H. Shekar and Safeeulla, K. M. (1983) Pearl millet downy mildew: biology of systemic infection by zoospores. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, B, 49 (4). pp. 385-394.

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Zoospores (the infection units) of Sclerospora graminicola infect pearl millet plants through root, coleoptile and whorl. However, the plants infected through whorl region expressed the disease symptoms earlier to those infected through the root. Root infection takes place either through the root hair or the epiblema cells at the zone of elongation. Zoospores may penetrate the host cetl either singly or in groups. In the infect ion process, the zoos pore first adheres, encyst on the host cell wall, germinate to produce a germ tube and develops an appressorium within an hour. The contents of the zoospores migrate to the appressorium which subsequently produces fine needle-like infection pegs and penetrate the epiblema cell wall within 4 hr. The infection peg develops a stout primary vesicle at the tip within the infected cell and produces secondary vesicle within 48 hr of penetration from which intercellular hyphal threads originate. In the host tissue, the hyphae produces forked or knob-like haustoria and the disease symptoms were observed 5 days after the entry of the pathogen into the host. In addition, the behaviour of zoospores in water, on cellophane paper, water agar and plastic replica of leaf surface were studied and its implications in axenic culture are discussed.

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