Studies in the proteaceae: III. Embryology of Grevillea Banksii R. Br.

Kausik, S. B. (1939) Studies in the proteaceae: III. Embryology of Grevillea Banksii R. Br. Annals of Botany, 3 (4). pp. 815-824.

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The embryo-sac of Grevillea Banksii R. Br. develops according to the normal type. At the time of fertilization is has a very irregular outline. The synergids show a well-marked filiform apparatus.The development of the embryo is similar to that in the two members of the family previously studied (Kausik, 1938, 1938a).The endosperm becomes cellular. The presence of the vermiform appendage of the endosperm described in Grevillea robusta (Kausik, 1938), has been demonstrated here. Though similar in both, the endosperm of G. Banksii shows a narrow middle region with rows of elongated cells which are absent in G. robusta.In conclusion, the writer has great pleasure in acknowledging his indebtedness to Prof. M. A. Sampathkumaran, of the University of Mysore, for encouragement and kind help during the course of this investigation. Thanks are also due to the Curator, Government Botanic Gardens, Ootacamund, and Sim's Park, Coonoor, Nilgiris, South India, for permission to collect the material for this study. © 1939 Oxford University Press.

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