Abnormalities in the fine structure of the spermatids of rats injected with cadmium

Gopal Dutt, N. H. and Kobayashi, K. (1980) Abnormalities in the fine structure of the spermatids of rats injected with cadmium. Journal of biosciences, 2 (4). pp. 361-367.

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The degenerative changes in the spermatids as measured by changes in fine structure abnormalities increased with time following injection of Cd 2+ into rat testis. The spermatids in the twelve hours group appear as peculiarly club shaped and elongated structures with one or two small but perceptible vacuoles. The subacrosomal area and the space between the nucleus and the middle piece are seen abnormally dilated. In the 30 day group, the central filaments are the most susceptible unit of 9+2 axoneme complex. The plasma membrane, the cytoplasmic matrix, the mitochondria of the middle piece and the fibrous sheath appear shrunken, discontinuous and degenerative. © 1980 Indian Academy of Sciences.

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