Dibromamine-B as a new redox titrant in non-aqueous or partially aqueous media

Mahadevappa, D. S. and Ahmed, M. S. (1979) Dibromamine-B as a new redox titrant in non-aqueous or partially aqueous media. Talanta, 26 (Copyri). pp. 590-592.

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A new redox titrant, PhSO2NBr2, was used in AcOH for the direct potentiometric determination of N2H4, ascorbic acid, PhNH2, (H2N)2CS and its metal complexes, and oxine and its metal complexes. PhNH2 0.2938 mmol was determined with an error of 0.6-1.0% and a coefficient of variation of 0.2. For ascorbic acid, PhNH2, (H2N)2CS complexes, oxine, and the oxinates, the actual oxidant was Br produced by the reaction of the added KBr with the oxidant. PhSO2NBr2 was reduced to PhSO2NH2. N2H4 and (H2N)2CS reacted directly with the oxidant. Ascorbic acid oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid with a 2 electron change and PhNH2 was brominated to give C6H2Br3NH2. Oxine underwent a 4 electron change and bromination to give dibromooxine. The redox potential of the PhSO2NBr2-PhSO2NH2 couple in AcOH was determined to be +1.32 V at 25°.

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