Cytology of an Indian Race of Blepharisma Undulans (Stein)

Vasanthi Bhandary, A (1959) Cytology of an Indian Race of Blepharisma Undulans (Stein). Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 6 (4). pp. 333-339.

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SYNOPSIS. The Indian race of Blepharisma undulans described in this paper measures 150 μ in length. The macronucleus consists of 5-7 nodes, all of equal size. During binary fission, condensation of macronucleus is followed by its elongation and a thinning of the middle region which breaks with the division of the animal. It later attains the typical vegetative form. During conjugation 7 or 8 micronuclei pass through the first pregamic division, 5 to 7 through the second pregamic division and one product of the second division takes part in the third division. The rest degenerate. At the same time, the macronucleus also starts degenerating. After the synkaryon has divided twice, the conjugating pairs separate. Of the 4 products, 3 become macronuclear anlagen and one, micronuclear anlage. The micronuclei divide asynchronously both during binary fission and during conjugation. There is apparently considerable diversity in the structure and behaviour of the macronucleus and micronuclei in the different races of Blepharisma undulans.

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